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About Us

Reliable design and extremely competitive pricing makes AmeriComp the smartest choice in today’s marketplace.

AmeriComp is a privately-owned business founded in 1987, and resides in the business district of Chicago, Illinois. The AmeriComp product line includes all traditional office-based radiographic systems and components, with the exception of mammography.

AmeriComp offers a variety of quality radiographic systems and components, all at extremely affordable prices.

All AmeriComp products, including radiographic generators, tubes, systems, and components, are especially well-crafted and reliable. Offering ease of installation and sleek design, AmeriComp tables have welded bases, steel frames and flat seamless tops.

As a leader in service, AmeriComp offers prompt delivery and excellent customer service. Whether you need a room layout, help on a quote, or more detail on equipment offerings, AmeriComp staff members will be here to help you.